14 de setembro de 2014

Courage to plunge straight

Human beings are made ​​of dreams, achievements, discoveries... and of resignation. Jesus assures that losing our lives because of the Gospel is giving them full sense (cf. Mark 8,34-38). In this technological era, where the attraction is in novelties, we have lost the courage to plunge straight into ourselves. It is better to join indulgence and facilities. The less we suffer, the better. By the way, human suffering is increasingly seen as despicable and unnecessary. Everything that departs us from suffering is better! That’s why we are even more alone every day. Loneliness has made many people move away from the meaning of life, even if everything is at their disposal.

And what is the cause of the Gospel? What should we “lose our lives” for?

The whole life of Jesus had the purpose to manifest the humanity created by God. Created in his image and likeness, our essence is the essence of God: love. All that separates us from that, separates us from our achievements and happiness. Love has to do with depth, intimacy, guts . In the original language of the people of God who wrote the Bible, love has an intimate meaning with the uterus, precisely the organ that generates life. For the nurture of life, it is necessary to "invade" the deepest. Inside each woman are the conditions for the generation of life. Man as well needs to allow his intimacy to experience this "exposing" movement, get out of his hiding place to reach the woman. In this surrender, there is the chance of a new life. Beautiful teaching of God!

Now think with me: have you explored your feelings, plunging deep into what you really are? Have you allowed yourself to truly love, with all its intensity? Have you faced suffering as a teaching experience to discover yourself as a part of this Love-God?

While we only look for the facilities that keep us from our deepest being, we will be eternally unhappy and unable to realize, in life, that we are made for love, because we were generated from love itself.

While we run away from our essence, we will have a false and temporary peace that imprisons us in a world created to make us victims of trade and profit of few who, in order to also hide their frustrations and insecurities, exploit others to imagine themselves superior.

Our essence is hidden under lots of shells, which prevent the light of love that radiates within us from manifesting. It is precisely here that our suffering comes, since, in order to achieve our interior, many shells are to be overcome. They were glued to our being by these ideologies of easy pleasure and consumerism. If it were really the best for us, we would not be witnessing increasing cases of depression, suicide and existential emptiness, couples would live unity and loyalty with more force, because they would know how to recognize in others the real chance for life, the brotherhood which brings us closer to the Creator God would be the rule, not the exception, and true happiness would be in our hands, our feet, and our hearts.

May we have the courage to dive into an enchanting sea. At first, fear and insecurity can disrupt this trip. But be sure: the achievements will be forever!

Giorgio Sinestri, scj
Translate: Samira Spiller

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